Dealership Photo Background Replacement

Show Your Inventory in the Best Light (Literally)

Photo Background Replacement services for all vehicle retailers
Example Before and After of Photo Background Replacement

Quick & Easy Photo Background Replacement

Make Sure Your Vehicles Get Noticed with Great Photos – Every Time

In the competitive world of digitial retailing, visual presentation is crucial. Give every single one of your vehicles the chance to stand out from the crowd with the right photo background–without staging vehicles and exposing them to lot damage. Your entire inventory can have consistent, quality branding, no matter how photogenic (or not) your staging location is.

Problems Solved

Don't let anything get in the way of showcasing your vehicles.

Whether it’s changing seasons, locations issues, or a cluttered background, there’s a lot of things that can take the focus away from the vehicle you’re trying to showcase. And maintaining consistent branding between every one of those photos? Forget about it. Automated photo background replacement levels the playing field for your inventory and helps you stand out compared to competitors.

Example photo background replacement for dealership staff photos


Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs) with uniform exterior photos have higher conversion rates versus vehicle photos with distracting content.


Automatic. Every Time.

Photo clipping is completely automated so you don't have to do anything day-to-day. It's the fastest way to create premium image content.


Publish photos 10 times faster.

Delays in VDP photo syndication due to manual photo manipulation reduce conversion and result in missed opportunities.


Images Enhanced

We've enhanced vehicle photos since 2012 and have over half a million under our belt!


Increase Conversion Rates

Uniform, professional photos with enhanced backgrounds increase VDP conversion rates for new and used vehicles.


Beautiful Photos & Consistent Branding Are in Reach

Ready to make a great first impression? You can stop wasting time staging vehicles and worrying about on-the-lot damage. Photo background replacement will easily increase your brand recognition for all the right reasons. Without background clutter, you’ll get more inventory views and generate more leads, at a low cost per enhanced photo.

Example car photo with background replacement
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Individual Dealership Pricing

  • $149 one-time Activation
  • $0/mo. recurring software charge
  • $1.50 per enhanced image (single image per vehicle)
  • Contact us for pricing for multiple image subscriptions!

Data integration not included. You decide how your inventory data and images will be imported and exported. Reduced bulk pricing and auto group prices are available as well.

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Get Your Photos in Tip-Top Shape

Show your inventory in the best light, literally, with photo background enhancement from AutoUpLink Tech.