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Anyone who has done the job on-the-lot knows that to rock 100 vehicles in a day, you have to hustle and you have to flow. That means you can’t slow down or get side-tracked, and you need to have all the information on service ready vehicles before you even step on the lot. Flow by AutoUpLink Tech helps you make it happen by working smarter, not harder. Flow accelerates delivery of services by automotive, photography and videography professionals, enabling you to: service and inspect more vehicles faster, print window labels next to each vehicle, invoice customers as services are performed, and to automate key processes at each job site.

Problems Solved

Scale your service business by giving your team the tools to work efficiently.

The more time it takes to service a vehicle, the less inventory you’re able to touch at each dealership. The more time a tech spends at a single job site, the higher the likelihood he’ll arrive late at the next stop later. The more time field techs spend identifying every option on a vehicle, the fewer vehicles you’ll have ready for sale online. Time is money, and Flow is here to accelerate everything so that you can grow your business.

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Gain efficiencies across all job sites and make your services stand out.



The average field tech can increase vehicles serviced per day by 22%, immediately boosting revenues by harvesting more vehicles at job sites.



Missing scheduled service visits not only reduces revenues but causes immediate customer dissatisfaction. The average service provider realizes a 33% increase in on-time arrival.



The more time a service tech spends at a single job site, the higher the likelihood he will arrive late on his route later that day. We know how to get those times down and keep the schedule on track.



OEM Build Data increases the accuracy of options and packages associated with each vehicle. Now, field techs can quickly identify the items that are not on a discrete vehicle, instead of taking time to identify every option on every vehicle.


Increase customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, revenues and profits.

Increase the number of vehicles each field rep services daily, decrease the time required to invoice customers, and improve communication with clients about the vehicles in your inventory. Flow is being able to do everything to the vehicle all at once (photos, labels, etc.) to avoid double taps. Flow is being able to track your work and to bill effortlessly. Flow is lot services, accelerated.

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Flow provides everything you need to deliver lot services at dealership locations–including automatic data import from any source system and syndication of all data, photos, video, etc.

Per Field Service User

  • $30 per user (paid annually) or $39 per user (paid monthly)

Per Dealership Serviced

  • $99 one-time activation
  • $99 per dealer per month

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